Hostel Cidade de Aveiro is located in the heart of the city of Aveiro, in a building of the 60s completely refurbished and that was adapted to the modern conditions for the comfort and comfort of its clients, next to the Museum of the “Princess Santa Joana”, of the channels of the Where the typical Moliceiros boats make the tourists’ deletions and all the beauties of the city.

We know that an environment is important to ensure quality of life and well-being. For this reason, Lux Concept contributes 100% to the interior design of this space, presenting solutions in LED light that combine and provide the perfect surroundings.

For this project we develop stainless steel lamps (Winterfell) for the desks and by the bed (Volantis) with custom-made lamps.

We use interior LED light for all indoor spaces of the Hostel and Outdoor LED Light the Garden.

To give more brightness to the Hostel the facade was illuminated with Architectural LED Light.

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