As a leader in the fitness and wellness industry, Holmes Place is constantly looking for total customer satisfaction.

The focus on LED Interior Lighting has revolutionized the Club environment.

Holmes Place now presents a new maxim: Design and Technology united in a futuristic atmosphere, designed in daring shapes, in the white of the surfaces and in the use of LEDs. The Club is now in a sophisticated setting where white prints beauty and elegance.

In a space dedicated to physical activity, LED lighting aims to provide an environment of leisure and well-being to its users.

With the replacement of Conventional Lighting by LED Lighting, it allowed the Club to achieve a reduction of energy up to 70%.

Holmes Place, investing in LED Lighting Lux Concept, is first and foremost to bet on the safety, comfort and confidence that it can induce, enhancing habits and activities that are determining factors in promoting the quality of life of people, making this Successful investment with guaranteed return.

Indoor Lighting LED Used:

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