Lighting represents a significant part of the consumption of electricity in shopping centers. The reducing unnecessary or ineffective lighting is a priority.

If the impact of using LED lighting on household bills is already felt on electricity bills, when we talk about LED lighting for industry and commercial spaces – generally with a much larger dimension in the area to be illuminated and To the intensity of luminosity required by them – the savings that will be felt will certainly be even greater.

We are progressively replacing conventional lighting in commercial and non-commercial buildings.

Not only do LED Lamps use 65% less energy than conventional bulbs, but they also have a much longer shelf life (around nine to ten years when used in an intensive environment) and therefore have considerably lower maintenance costs.

As companies seek to increase energy efficiency, replacing Conventional Lighting with Lux Concept LED Lighting is therefore one of the first options.

LED Industrial and Commercial Lighting, is more than light. We create environments.

The right lighting creates light effects, putting products and brands in the right light.

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