The Seaport of Aveiro has a very peculiar history, comparing with the other Portuguese seaports because, contrary to what is usual, this area (Barra Aveiro) was created/developed away from a population center in this case the city of Aveiro.

The opening efforts and management of Barra Aveiro are reflected in the institutional organization from 1755 to the present date, that there has been, particularly with the Administration of the Port of Aveiro ( APA).

The management of the Seaport of Aveiro (APA ) , demonstrates concern in energy efficiency and for that reason, its Public LED Lighting was replaced.

APA, proceeds to give more importance to public lighting, with respect for good practice lighting and use of more efficient street light.

The street light DUBLIN, used in road transport is substantially benefited by the clear perception of the obstacles and the visual comfort that gives to the drivers.

The street light VENEZIA, installed in car parks and footpaths, allows the movement of people and goods overnight with comfort and security.

Investing in Public LED Lighting, it is first and foremost, focusing on safety, comfort and confidence that can induce.

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