Centauri 2 Luminária Modular

Escalável e Modular com 2 componentes independentes – Rail e Módulo Ótico


CENTAURI 2 is a trunking system luminaire ideal for applications where uniform and continuous lighting is
required such as

Retail – Shops & Supermarkets
Industry – Production Line & Warehouse
Transportation – Metro Stations

with its unique construction system, the bottow rail is used to install all
the control wiring and the independent optics & electronics module sets
on top

Trunking System

The interconnectable rail allows to create
a continuous seamless lighting line which
can be controlled in different commands
due to its built-in separated control line

2 Independent Layers – Rail & Electronics

the top layer – the optics – can be
continuous or spaced with covers in
between thus providing compatibility to the
most demanding projects

the bottom layer – the rail – includes all
the wiring to control the lighting, dimming,
fire or other lines

Smart-Dimming, Automatic Control & Emergency

possibility to control the output flux with standard dimming protocols 0-10V, DALI, PWM
built-in light or movement sensors
emergency lighting system

Optic Modules

To comply with the most demanding lighting scenarios photometrics are available from a wide range
of beam angles – the independent optic modules are specially designed with
individual lenses for each LED with optional angles ranging from narrow 20º to wide 90º
or even narrow double asymetric 20º, adjusting to all kinds of specific needs and applications